The psychology of colour

When you were deciding to what colours to paint your house, we know you can spend hours pouring over the decision.  What was your main driver in picking that perfect colour which matched your trim? Was it taste, or were you actually picking your personality!

They say that psychology can be reflective of our character, so we looked into it.  What does your colour choice say about your personality? 


We all know red is going to make your house 'pop'.  Red is the colour of passion, desire, love and war.  It attracts attention more than any other colour.  It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate and even raises blood pressure.  Red, or magenta, both show that you're not afraid to do something out of the ordinary.  It shows you've got a fun side, and even dare to be a wild child.  When people walk into your house, they already know that you can have a good time.

For an inviting red try Resene Red Berry or Dulux Roasted Red.


Purple has always been associated with nobility, luxury or ambition. This colour exudes wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and a little bit of magic. When you decorate with this colour, visitors will subconsciously feel your good tidings and energy.

This colour is a combination of red and blue, which means it has the calmness of blue and the energy of red. It is one of the most broadest colour belts, as its hues vary from pale lavendar to deep violet, and everything in between.  

Resene Grey Suit will give your door the perfect amount of energy.


Yellow tones are the brightest colour of the colour palette. This is the most noticeable of all colours to the human eye. This is a colour of someone who is optimistic and outgoing. It's a colour of creativity, high energy, fun and cheerfulness. 

Try Dulux Sundaze for a more mellow yellow, while Resene Wild Thing has just the right amount of sunshine to light up your exterior.


Blue is associated with intelligence, productivity, and mental clarity. This is a colour for both study and work.  It has been shown to slow heart rate and breathing, as well! Blue evokes a feeling of trust and peace, which is great because you want your guests to feel comfortable in your home. 

Resene A B Sea CC or Dulux Timeless Classics Breton Blue Matt are good choices for blues!


Never mind the old saying, 'green with envy' – this colour now gives off a feeling of harmony, reports the Washington Post. From the moment people walk in the door, this will make any friendly get-together start on the right foot.

Resene Limerick is a bold, fun green that will invite in your guests. 


And finally, the moment you black door owners have been waiting for. The black door is nothing more than a sign of your glamour. You probably have a more serious side, notes, but black means you're ready for every occasion. It's not at all off-putting – rather this dark tone says you're safe here to your guests. 

Resene All Black in a high gloss finish gives your home that sophisticated yet safe feeling. 

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