4 tips for a fresh new dining room.

A dining room is the festive heart of the home, a place where everyone gathers to eat, laugh and generally have a great time. It’s time to ditch the TV dinners and re-connect! Here are four tips to freshen up your current dining space, without too much hard work.

Think about wallpaper:

The perfect weekend project, choosing a wallpaper is a simple and easy way to change up the look of your dining area. Trending at the moment are tropical prints, which fit the theme of a festive eating space well. Consider trying something bold and a little out of your comfort zone as a feature wall.

We love Mason Poppies MPP05 wallpaper as an on-trend choice!


Chairs in colour:

Once you’ve picked your jazzy new wallpaper, it’s time to co-ordinate and add another pop of colour with customized chairs! When thinking about what shades to match to your theme, use the rule of adjacent colours to keep things cohesive. As an added bonus, you can even repurpose vintage wooden chairs with a new lick of paint.

Whether you go for a bright green like Resene’s Apple or a more muted tone like Resene’s Poet, coloured chairs will always liven up a room and add an element of fun.



Table decorations are a must! From minimalist decor, like a linen table runner, to more sophisticated items like greenery or candles, a few key pieces in the centre of your dining table really provide a bit of extra life to a room. As with the coloured chairs, pick something in adjacent colours to your wallpaper, or, if you’re really brave go for something on the triad spectrum.

Try a tabletop classic like a vase of freshly picked flowers, or add a bit of edge with funkily shaped salt and pepper shakers.


Think about hosting:

The most important thing to keep in mind when refreshing or redesigning a space is how liveable it is! When picking wallpaper, think about what kind of mood you want to set. Do you love a relaxed picnic on the beach? Then choose something textured and neutral. Do you prefer a fine dining experience? Pick a wallpaper that has a darker tone, to mimic atmosphere and dimmed lighting in your favourite restaurant. When choosing chairs, keep in mind how comfortable they are and whether they’re easy to move around. When thinking about decorations, remember that kids and candles don’t always mix well and think about sight lines - you want to be able to talk to someone across the table without a tall decorative piece getting in your way.


Now that you’ve refreshed your dining space, it’s time to share your new look with your friends. Bon appetit!


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