Decorating tips for a guest-friendly home

There's so many reasons why you may open up your home to extra guests.  It's easy if you've got a spare room and a couple of bathrooms in your house, you just have to think ahead.  Here are some top tips for how you can make your home guest-friendly.

Home sweet home – it's a place to enjoy when you kick back and relax at the end of a long day. However, if you've got a spare room and a couple of bathrooms in your house, you could be primed to host guests.

This isn't for everyone, but if you're warming to the idea of offering close friends or family members a comfortable place to stay now and again, read on for some great interior decorating ideas!

Whether it's AirBnB, family coming to stay, or wanting to spruce up a bach, you want your guests to feel comfortable.


When thinking how you are going to direct a place, a good place to start is the walls.  This creates the whole mood of the room.  You want your guests to feel safe, warm, calm and comfortable. Creating a safe sanctuary for your guests can be as simple as using a pale grey and cool white. 

However, if you want to make the room a little warmer and get away from a Scandinavian theme, soft pastels are the way to go. 

Try: Resene Duck Egg Blue, Resene Half Fossil, or Resene Soulmate.  They each bring a different element that will make the guests recharge and unwind, creating a relaxed environment for a great trip.


When you've got your wall colours sorted, it's time to develop the room further with bedding and accessories. 

When choosing bedding, remember, it is the contact feature of the room.  We want something that the guests feel utterly comfortable with while also providing a nice feel while they're sleeping.  Normally that means using muted colours that are not affronting. 

It could be nice to put a throw on the end of the bed, giving them the choice of an extra weight, while also being able to play with colours.

You can create a feature with the bedding.  It's less permanent than a bright wall yet still highly affective. 

Another option is having white bedding so that you can use accessorises to decorate the rooms.

The special touch:

It's the surprise and delight factor which helps a guest feel extra special. 

There's so many options you can use to do that.  Whether that's a single piece of art can create a focal point, while there are a few other essential pieces that warrant inclusion. Or you can use a folded set of towels will ensure guests feel welcome and comfortable using the bathroom as they need to.

Placing a vase  in the room so that you can provide freshly cut flowers for your guests during their stay is helpful.

Another option is thinking about the guests need for lighting.  Putting a bedside lamp are also practical while adding mood lighting.


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