Creative ideas for decorating kids bedrooms

If you're after some decorating ideas for young children's bedrooms, there are plenty of wall decals, curtains and pieces of furniture that will ensure you can change the room as children get older.

While a neutral colour scheme might be the go-to option for most rooms in the house, but there is no shortage of ways you can use paint, wallpaper and a bit of ingenuity to create an exciting room for the kids.

King and Queen of the castle

When you're a kid the idea of being the King or Queen sitting in a magical castle was a pipe dream.  

When thinking of creative ideas for decorating kids bedrooms, why not turn your child's bedroom into a true palace?

Creating a prince room for boys, using purple or blue and gold colour scheme Resene Astronaut Blue is very in at the moment and would create ambiance, warmth and the creative space for kids to play and explore.

For the ultimate princess room, pair pale pink with cool white for a whimsical effect. There's nothing more apt than Resene Pretty In Pink, a sweet, soft pink. 

You could create a canopy with a four-poster bed or paint some second-hand wooden chairs and a low drawing table. Another option would be attaching wooden rods to normal bed and hang a sheet over the top.

You can even create cardboard turrets is a creative and cheap way to build on the royal theme.

Ocean explorer

First things first, any intrepid traveler needs to start with the boat.  Captain, oh Captain! There are plenty of beds that are shaped like boats, cars and other exciting objects.

We suggest a complementary navy, white and red colour theme to assist in the ocean explorer theme.

You can fetch a lot of perfect ocean-themed touch with wall decals of fish, whales and other creatures of the sea. 

A large map to begin their next exploration attempt is a must!

It's a nice touch to add boat themed symbols.  Circle mirrors to look like boat's portholes, telescopes and toys to match.  The perfect accessories for any captain.

On Safari

If your child is more of a land explorer how about an adventurous 'on safari' theme.  This is perfect for the animal-lover and provides the perfect adventurous escape and play area.

The perfect place to start is in the colour scheme and patterns. Layer lots of patterns for a look that mimics the wild.  There are throws, mats, and kid-friendly wall deco to get you going.

Decorating with a safari theme means you've got an array of options and ways to decorate.  

The bed can be in the shape of a safari truck, with wheels as foot stands.  You could match this with the dresser or a desk depending on your child's age.  

Adding bamboo, or wooden-themed items is a good idea.  You could get a bamboo curtain or a bamboo stand.

Any animal-themed decorations would go down a treat.  You can get some genuine African wall hangings, masks, and the like. There are tons of stick-and-peel wallpaper and murals available to effectively create your personal jungle. Add a few exotic bird stick- ons for effect.

Nature is a big aspect of this theme. You will need some plants to create the feeling that you're in an african forest. Any of the following would be fabulous: banana trees, palm trees, rubber trees and other tropical plants that will grow indoors.

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