Is Black the new white?

The Scandinavian-themed decor has been in for a while now.  The minimalist, stark white has been bombarding our style magazines, architecture, and many decorating companies.  We will often get customers coming to ask us for white walls.  However, there seems to e a slightly moody trend coming back in.


It’s a tough one to crack but when done well black, can be an enlightening change. White walls seem to be a designer secret weapon: they open up rooms to seem larger, lighter, brighter even and look; as well as being easy to match your room's decor. However, lately, the growing trend in interior design is seeing black come through time and time again, and we can see why:

Black can change a feel for the place:

Black evokes thoughts of power, elegance and even mystery.  Black can also be associated with feelings of loss, mystery or even death.  In order to bring out the positive aspects of black, we have some top tips to make your next facelift, a winning one.

One shade of black:

People assume that there is only one shade when it’s comes to black.  In reality, there is a such a range of black colours to choose from.

Couple black with lighter colours like white in order to make the room still have a pleasant feel.

So, go on! Black is the new white.  We're loving this new trend.


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